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7 Best Uses For Vocal Remover & Isolation Tools

By Matthew Vultaggio

February 27, 2023

Being able to reliably and accurately isolate or completely remove vocals from music is insanely useful for modern producers, artists, and musicians.

Whether it’s for creating high-quality bootlegs (aka unofficial remixes) or taking only the bits I need from music that I want to sample…

I’ve personally used vocal extraction tools to finish music faster (and it’s even saved my butt on more than 1 occasion).

…and thanks to modern vocal remover apps like the LALAL.AI vocal remover, separating any element out from a piece of music is easier, faster, and sounds much more natural than ever before.

Sure, you can use a vocal isolation tool to separate the vocal track from the instrumental track, but it’s really what you do with those tracks after you’ve separated them is where the magic can happen.

Let’s take a look at the 7 best ways you can use a vocal remover tool:

#1 – Easier Remixes (That Sound Better)

One of the biggest challenges when creating remixes (or bootlegs) is finding solid, high-quality stems.

Thanks to modern extraction tools, it’s possible for us to create our own stems from absolutely any audio file so we can use them for remixes, bootlegs, or simply social media content like this:

No more spending hours digging for acapellas or hoping that the artist or label will get back to you with the stems.

It’s easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission…

In addition to being able to easily create remixes or bootlegs on your own, this can also be a massive advantage when approaching artists or labels to do official remixes.

Instead of simply asking and hoping that they are interested, you can get started on creating the remix and then approach them with a close-to-finished product.

Showing up with the remix nearly finished like this is sure to go a long way in making a great first impression and increasing your chances of you securing the release.

#2 – Put Your Collabs On The Fast-Track

In addition to being able to create great-sounding remixes much easier, you can also use vocal isolation tools to take your collabs with other artists to a whole other level.

Some powerful examples include:

  • Getting a head start by extracting stems from one of their tracks before asking about the collab (so you have something awesome to show to get them onboard)
  • Being able to extract stems from the music they send you in case they are unable to get you the stems themselves (ie: the label is slowing things down, they don’t have the original project file)
  • Creating better stems if the stems that they did send were less than ideal or simply unusable

Simply put: having a stem extraction tool by your side can really streamline the collaboration process and completely abolish any barriers, bottlenecks, or annoying slow-downs.

#3 – Take “Tracklib” To The Next Level

Tracklib is a cool tool that allows artists to discover awesome samples and then easily and legally license those samples so that you can officially release the music that you’ve created with those samples.

What’s even cooler about Tracklib is that some of their tracks are actually broken up into individual stems for you.

…the catch?

Unfortunately only a very, very small amount of the tracks in their library actually have individual stems available for you – the rest are just single audio file masters.

By combining a reliable stem extraction tool like the LALAL.AI stem separation app with Tracklib, you get legally licensed and super clean stems that you can you use in your productions and projects.

A bitter-sweet story…

I released a track using a Tracklib sample before I discovered LALAL.AI that ended up getting on a bunch of Spotify editorial playlists and even got added to H&M’s in-store playlist:

I’m pretty proud of it but I’m not gonna lie… the mix isn’t as clean and clear as I’d like it to be and I had done a lot of extreme production tricks to isolate the bits that I wanted.

If only I had access to an extraction tool then, I’d have a better and cleaner-sounding mix that would have been a heck of a lot easier and faster to achieve.

…next time!

#4 – Create Your Own DJ Acapellas/Tools

One of my favorite websites as a DJ/producer is Acapellas4U – unfortunately, the selection isn’t always great and there can be quite a few unusable files.

With a trusty vocal extraction tool at your side, you’ll be able to:

  • Quickly create your own acapellas so you don’t need to look for ones that are “good enough”
  • Easily create acappellas based on rare, unreleased, hidden gem tracks
  • Add to acapella libraries that are already out there (if you’re the super giving type!)

Being able to create custom DJ tools or acapellas to be used in your set is incredibly useful and is a massive way to capture the audience’s attention and take your sets to the next level.

#5 – Effortlessly Create Backing Tracks (Performance or Rehearsal)

If you’ve ever had to dig through an old project file to create an instrumental version to be used as a backing track, you know exactly how annoying the whole process can be.

Being able to quickly and effortlessly create a backing track from the MP3 or WAV file that you already have readily available can be a real-time and life saver.

This can particularly come in handy if:

  • You can’t find the original project file
  • You didn’t produce the song
  • You don’t want to dig through an old unorganized project file

Regardless of what situation you happen to be in, a vocal extraction tool can help you easily make backing tracks for that upcoming live performance or as a way to upgrade your rehearsal game.

#6 – Instrumentals For More Publishing Opportunities

I recently signed a small publishing deal with a company that wanted to use some of my songs as background music in restaurants, resorts, and other franchises.

Here’s one of the songs that they reached out to me for:

This particular opportunity would have my music placed into a library where these different franchises can choose what they’d like to place in their venue.

By being able to quickly create instrumental versions with a vocal extraction tool, I’m able to easily provide more alternate versions for franchises to choose from.

#7 – Custom Karaoke Tracks

Most karaoke song libraries have a limited selection and the songs that they do have are near-perfect “cover song” versions.

By using a vocal extraction tool, you can create an instrumental version that can be used for karaoke.

…the best part?

These instrumental tracks are from the original recording and aren’t “cover song” versions done by a modern band.

You can then use your freshly created instrumentals as custom karaoke tracks either for fun or to be used at a party you’re running or promoting.

Want To Get Started Extracting & Isolating Vocals Yourself?

If you want to extract vocals (and even other elements) from audio files yourself, you can get started for free with the neat LALAL.AI vocal remover app tool that I’ve mentioned a few times in this article.

You get 10 minutes for free and each file you upload for stem extraction can be up to 50MB so you have quite a bit to work with on their plan.

All you need to do is sign up for free, upload the audio file, and choose what type of stem extraction type you want to use and you’re off to the races.

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Thank you for reading this article, my friend, and I hope you found it helpful as you build your own successful career in music. 🙂

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