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7 Song Acceleration Techniques for Rapid Music Creation

By Matthew Vultaggio

January 24, 2024

Songwriting can be a slow process, but with the right techniques, you can accelerate your music creation significantly.

Here’s how…

1. Start with a Framework

Begin your songwriting process with a basic structure or template. This could be a simple chord progression, a beat, or a lyrical theme. Having a framework gives you a starting point and can help guide the rest of your creative process.

2. Set Time Limits

Impose time limits for each songwriting session. This creates a sense of urgency and can spur creativity, helping you to make decisions more quickly and avoid overthinking.

3. Loop-Based Composition

Use loop-based software to quickly lay down ideas. This allows you to build layers without getting bogged down in the details of each part.

4. Collaborate Online

Collaborating with other musicians can bring new ideas and energy to your process. Use online platforms for quick and easy collaboration.

5. Use Music Creation Apps

There are numerous apps available that can help you generate ideas quickly. From drum machines to chord progression generators, these tools can speed up the songwriting process.

6. Keep a Songwriting Journal

Always have a notebook or digital journal handy for jotting down ideas. These can be lyrical snippets, melodies, chord progressions, or even just concepts.

7. Embrace Imperfections

Don’t get hung up on making everything perfect. Embrace the rough edges; they often add character and authenticity to your music.

Remember, the goal of song acceleration is not to sacrifice quality, but to streamline the process and make it more efficient.

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"Copy/Paste" Your Music Promotion with The FREE Checklist I Used To Get 3,000,000+ Spotify Streams

Get your 7-step checklist for FREE: