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5 Best House Music Playlists On Spotify (in 2023)

By Matthew Vultaggio

November 13, 2023

I’ve been trying to discover new music lately, so I started searching for what the best house music playlists are. Most of the results were simply links to house music playlists so I decided to do more research and write about it for you.

The best house music playlist on Spotify is the official Housewerk playlist created by Spotify. This playlist has over 1.4 million listeners, is officially made by Spotify’s editors and algorithm, and Spotify’s AI actually auto-mixes the tracks between each other similar to how a real DJ does.

But here is a big catch here…

Although Housewerk is one of the best house music playlists you can find in terms of popularity and the expertise in which it is created, it may not be exactly what you are looking for.

Are you in search of more underground styles of house music like Deep House, Lofi House or Classic House? Or perhaps, you are in search of a different mood of house music like the more laidback Chill House or the more upbeat Jackin’ or Tech House?

If you are looking for not just the best house music playlist, but the best house music playlist for you then read on my friend!

What Is The Best House Music Playlist For You?

House music comes in a large variety of different styles, sizes and cultures. In fact, there is such a large variety of house music to pick from that I wouldn’t even blame anyone for not knowing where to start.

It can be tough to identify what you are looking for specifically when starting out, which is why I am here to help you, my friend. 🙂

Let’s start with the basics:

Just as mentioned earlier in this article, if you want a good place to start. Why not start with what is the most popular house music playlist available? Go on and open up Spotify and search for Housewerk or simply click right here to open up Spotify in a new window.


  • Officially created by Spotify and their editors
  • Created using Spotify’s vast amount of data of what people are listening to the most
  • Auto-mixes from song to song (like a real DJ)


  • Popular doesn’t always equal good
  • You may be looking for something more specific

Now, listen here: I know you’ve only been reading this article for a solid minute or two, but I think I know you, my friend. You’re looking for something more particular, an itch that simply the most popular playlist can’t scratch.

So, let’s dive in deeper:

So you’re ready to dive in deeper to the world of house music? Great! There is a lot to look for but to keep things simple, here some questions to ask yourself in your journey to find out what house music playlist is best for you

  1. What mood am in right now?
  2. What mood do I want to be in?
  3. Do I want to find out what is the most popular playlist?
  4. Do I want to find more rare and underground styles of house music?
  5. Do I want to learn what different genres of house music there are?

Give that a quick think over, and then let’s dive in to some more house playlists starting of with mood:

Best House Music Playlists Based On Mood

One very good way to find any style of music to match your vibes, is to look for music based on the mood you are feeling (or want to feel). You don’t have to worry about labels or genres, just feel it out.

I’ve searched out some of the best house music playlists based on the mood or vibe you might be feeling, and even wrote up a little about each. Let’s find what you’re feelin’.

Feeling Chill?

Chill House is a playlist created by Selected who have a very vibrant YouTube community where they post deep house tracks.

They usually update weekly and they describe this playlist as “Deep-House tracks to chill & study to. Updated weekly.”.

Dive into this playlist if you are feeling more chilled out and relaxed, but still want a bit of that house energy.

Check out Chill House playlist: click here to open up Spotify

Feeling more up-beat?

Tech House Music 2020 is a playlist created by Groove Bassment which is filled up with a more recent style of up-beat house music called Tech House.

This playlist is updated less frequently as it is meant to be a best of 2020 style of playlist. They describe it as “The best tech-house songs with music from FISHER, Camelphat, Chris Lake, Sonny Fodera and more.”

If you are feeling up-beat or want to feel more upbeat, then definitely check out this playlist. Tech House isn’t for everyone but it can most definitely get the party started.

Check out Tech House Music 2020: click here to open up Spotify.

Feeling like a basic bish?

House Music 2020 is a playlist created by Topsify that is made up of a lot of poppy styles of house music. They usually update weekly and describe this playlist as “The hottest dance tracks, updated every week!”.

Very much not my thing to be honest, but if you like pop music with the energy and sounds of house music, then this playlist might just be perfect for you.

Check out House Music 2020: click here to open up Spotify.

Not feeling a particular mood?

No problem, my friend! To be honest, the previous playlists are, in general, filled with more popular styles of house music. What I’m personally more excited to show you is all the very cool things that you discover with obscure and underground forms of house music playlists.

So let me show you the best of what you’ve (most likely) been missing out on..

Best Underground House Music Playlists

Ah, the sweet, sweet underground. In my humble opinion, this is where you are going to find the best house music playlists. These forms of underground house music are less poppy and less about the stereo typical “boots and cats” basicness of house music.

There is a lot more substance here and I think you will really enjoy these underground house music playlists quite a lot.

One thing to remember: this music is a lot more rare and is made by smaller, more independent playlist curators. Because of this, most of these are generally updated less frequently.

Psychedelic Lo-Fi House

  • Created by: Neb Motion
  • Described as: “Smooth, trippy Lo-Fi house tunes to accompany on your journeys through your psyche.”
  • Recommended for: anyone looking to checkout more house music with a psychedelic flavor.
  • Click here to listen on Spotify.

A Deep House Playlist

Houseum Official Playlist

  • Created by: Houseum
  • Described as: “House Playlist from the unfamous YouTube channel Houseum”
  • Recommended for: anyone looking to find out what will soon be the next form of “modern deep house” music. More chilled and relaxed vibes.
  • Click here to listen on Spotify.

Fresh Finds: Basement

  • Created by: Spotify
  • Described as: “Fresh Electronic and Dance releases from independent artists and labels every Wednesday.”
  • Recommended for: anyone looking to find out what Spotify’s algorithms and editors are noticing as rising underground electronic and dance music.
  • Click here to listen on Spotify.

Related Questions

What is the best house music ever?

Great question! The best house music ever is Classic House. Although the sounds of house music is always changing and evolving, look to original house artists such as Frankie Knuckles, Larry Head and Kerri Chandler to see how the very best created what is now known as house music.

How do I find good house music?

Another great question! Use a combination of Google Search, Spotify playlisting and YouTube music searching to find good house music. Start broad with searches on Spotify, add your favorite songs to your own playlist and Google or YouTube artists that you like.

Use the “related songs” section at the bottom of your Spotify playlist to easily find similar songs to what you added to the playlist.

What is a good playlist?

Wow! Another great question! A good playlist is a series of songs that match your mood and make you want to keep listening. At the end of the day, if a playlist isn’t vibing with you or you want to switch it up, it may not be the best playlist for you right now (or in general haha).

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