The Best Spotify Stream Calculator (+ Ultimate Earnings Guide!)

By Matthew Vultaggio

August 11, 2022

I was looking for the best Spotify streaming calculator to calculate royalties and payments and noticed there were a lot of options out there, so I did some research to find the best option and write a post about it.

The best Spotify stream calculator is the Spotify Royalty Calculator by Best Friends Club. This is the best way to estimate your earnings because it has the simplest design and includes real information on how to grow your Spotify streams.

If you simply want to find a quick way to calculate some streams, then go ahead and use that calculator.

However, where a simple streaming calculator like this falls short is in two main ways:

  1. Converting the royalty payment into your currency (it defaults in USD).
  2. Projecting future streams or multiple different scenarios.

The more you focus your attention on calculating your current and potential Spotify streams appropriately, the more you can expect to grow your Spotify streams and your streaming royalty payments.

If you want to learn more about how to truly find and use the best Spotify stream calculator, just read below. The answer just might surprise you. 🙂

Spotify Stream Calculators: In Depth

So how does Spotify streaming royalty calculators actually work, what are the pros and cons, and are there any better solutions to calculating and tracking your Spotify Streams?

To answer that question, you first need to know how much Spotify pays per stream:

On average, Spotify pays $0.0032 per stream.

The royalty rate is in the USD currency and this rate can vary between $0.0032 and $0.0036 per stream depending on:

  • The country the stream came from.
  • If the person streaming is a free or paid user.

The only thing that these Spotify streaming royalty calculators are doing is multiplying the number you type in by $0.0032. That’s it!

What are the pros and cons of using a very simple Spotify stream calculator like this?


  • It’s very, very fast to calculate your streams. Very ideal if you want a quick and direct idea of how much revenue you might make from any particular amount of Spotify streams.
  • You can change what country the streams are coming from. If you notice that your streams are coming from one particular country over another, you can see how many streams from the country will make you.
  • You can change which streaming service is being used. If your music is also on other streaming services like Apple Music or Tidal, you can quickly see how much streams from those services with pay you.


  • You can only make one calculation at a time. If you want to see multiple calculations on one screen, you simply can’t. You have to make one calculation, then remember it or write it down somewhere else.
  • You can’t compare different calculations. If you want to see how 10,000 streams compare on Spotify vs Apple Music on one page, you can’t without memorizing the numbers or copy/pasting them somewhere else.
  • You can only see the payouts in USD. If you are, say a Canadian artist, you will have to calculate the conversion rate on another page yourself to see what you will truly be paid.
  • You can’t track your progress over time. Once you type in a new number to calculate streams, the old number is gone and you won’t be able to compare against the old number to find out why your Spotify streams went down. You have to keep track of different streaming royalty calculations somewhere else.
  • Some calculators have annoying ads all over the place. Websites do need to make some money to stay up, but sometimes it can just get out of hand.

So now that we know how stream calculators work and what their pros/cons are, could it be that there are better alternatives out there?

The answer is yes. But, there is a small catch: you will need to put in a bit of extra work.

If you’re not afraid of putting in a bit of good old-fashioned elbow grease to better calculate, track, and grow your Spotify streams, then I may have found the best thing for ya.

P.S. If you don’t have a music distributor that allows you to release unlimited songs, I personally use, love, and recommend DistroKid. You can click here to save 7% off any plan (hopefully that helps!).

The Best Spotify Streaming Calculator Alternative

The best alternative to the Spotify streaming royalty calculators you can find on the internet is to actually build your own.

Yes, you read that right and, no, it is not that hard to do.

In fact, building your own custom-made Spotify stream calculator is easy.

All you need is access to a spreadsheet tool (like Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel) and a few simple formulas.

Let me show you how easy it is:

  1. Select an empty cell in your spreadsheet.
  2. Type this in without the quotations: “=1,000*0.032”
  3. The spreadsheet will automatically calculate how much you will get paid for 1,000 streams.

From there you can learn how to do an endless amount of cool things to customize your Spotify streaming royalty calculations. Such as:

  • Compare multiple different streaming payout amounts by copying the above formula into a different cell and change the “1,000” number to whatever number you want.
  • See what you would get paid in a different currency by adding the exchange rate to the end of the formula (for a Canadian example, the formula would look something like “=1000*0.0032*1.30” without the quotations).
  • Calculate your payouts from previous months and project what future months will bring you all on one page.

The last point there is actually where your (slightly less) basic streaming calculator can turn into a powerful Spotify stream tracker that can help you really measure and grow your Spotify streams and streaming income.

How To Build Your Own Spotify Stream Tracker

In an article I previously wrote about what to do if your Spotify streams have gone down or are not updating, I discovered the best way to track your Spotify streams.

If you’ve been tracking your Spotify streams using a simple streaming royalty calculator or even the Spotify For Artists dashboard, you may have noticed that it’s hard to pin point how well you did on a particular day.

Both of these options are only really good for showing you how are doing right at that moment and don’t show you the whole picture. For example, the Spotify For Artists dashboard shows you how many streams you have but doesn’t actually tell you what your streaming royalty payout would be.

The solution?

Build your own custom Spotify stream tracker using spreadsheets.

Spreadsheet software like Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel, are extremely powerful. You can basically build your own simple app with these tools. In particular, you can create a spreadsheet that acts as both a Spotify stream calculator and a Spotify stream tracker.

To learn how to create your own (or just download my template) then check out this free guide on Spotify stream trackers. 🙂

If you are waiting around because your Spotify stream count is not updating, why not build something that can truly help you grow your streams over time?

I will dive deeper into how I do things at another time, but for now, Andrew can do a much better job at explaining things.

I highly suggest watching this video:

By creating your own Spotify tracker you can:

  • Track your progress over time. This not only helps measure how you are doing, but it can also help identify what marketing efforts to keep pushing, what marketing efforts to stop, and what songs you should make more (or less) of.
  • Automatically convert current and potential payouts to your currency. Using a simple spreadsheet formula, you can multiply the number of streams by the Spotify royalty rate by the exchange rate.
  • Make projections and identify scenarios. By using a spreadsheet, you can project how your Spotify streams will grow month to month and play with different scenarios, such as what will it look like if I drop 2 new songs next month and get 1,000 more streams each?

In addition to streams, a tracker is also a great way to calculate your listeners, save rate, and listen rate (all of which help you in the Spotify algorithm). Just make sure you know what the difference between streams and listeners on Spotify is first.

Have any questions that I have not covered here? Just hit me up in the comments section or email me at matt (at) bestfriendsclub (dot) ca. I may even send you my personal Spotify tracker spreadsheet for you to use. 🙂

Spotify Streams & Earnings Explained

Here are some answers to common questions about Spotify royalties and earnings that you need to know.

How are plays calculated on Spotify?

Spotify counts a single stream of a song when that song has been listened to for 30 seconds or more. Once the song hits the 30-second mark, a stream is counted in Spotify’s system.

How much does Spotify pay per stream?

Spotify pays $0.0032 USD per stream. This number can range between $0.0032 and $0.0036 per stream depending on the country the stream came from and if they are a free or paid user.

How much does Spotify for 500 streams?

Spotify pays $1.60 USD for 500 streams. This can range between $1.60 and $1.80 depending on where the stream came from in the world and if the streams are coming from free or paid users.

How much does Spotify for 1000 streams?

Spotify pays $3.20 USD for 1,000 streams. This can range between $3.20 and $3.60 depending on where the stream came from in the world and if the streams are coming from free or paid users.

How much does Spotify for 5000 streams?

Spotify pays $16 USD for 5,000 streams. This can range between $16 and $18 depending on where the stream came from in the world and if the streams are coming from free or paid users.

How much does Spotify pay per 1 million streams?

Spotify pays $3,200 USD for 1 million streams. This can range between $3,200 and $3,600 depending on where the stream came from in the world and if the streams are coming from free or paid users.

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