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How to Grow a Music YouTube Channel To 120K Views

By Matthew Vultaggio

July 17, 2023

Imagine starting a brand new YouTube channel solely focused on music and achieving an impressive 120,000 views and 750 subscribers in just four months… completely organically.

In this guide, we will delve into the strategies and tips I personally used to grow a new music channel that only posts DJ mixes featuring my music and music from artists that I know or like.

Whether you’re a DJ, producer, or passionate about any music genre, these insights will help you create and grow your own music-centric YouTube channel that posts mixes or playlists.

First Off… Understand Your YouTube Studio Analytics

Before diving into the tips and tricks, let’s explore the backend of a brand new YouTube channel:

By analyzing YouTube Studio analytics like this, you can gain valuable insights into what drives the growth of a channel.

In particular, I was able to learn:

  • How often I should post videos
  • How long my videos should be
  • How many videos I had to post before my channel took off
  • Which videos performed better than others

Just like it did for me, tracking statistics such as viewership, publishing frequency, and audience engagement will provide a clear picture of what works and what doesn’t for you and your channel.

6 Best Tips for Creating a Music YouTube Channel

Next, let’s take a look at my 6 best tips for creating your own music YouTube channel that can rack up those views and subscribers.

Tip 1: Simplify Your Titles for Maximum Impact

When it comes to creating titles for your videos, the key is to keep them simple and relevant. This means no stuffing the title with keywords and also avoiding undescriptive titles like “My Mix Episode 1”.

Take the time to research successful channels in your genre and use them as inspiration for your own titles so that you can have maximum impact.

For me that looked like using lowercase letters and descriptive terms like “chill house mix” or “upbeat house mix” that both describe the music and create an aesthetic that resonates with my target audience.

Tip 2: Crafting Vibey Artwork for Aesthetic Appeal

Visuals obviously play a crucial role in attracting viewers to your channel so keeping your artwork aesthetic, on-brand, and (most importantly) genre-relevant is essential.

Once again, look to successful channels in your genre for inspiration, and don’t try to reinvent the wheel too much when you are first starting out.

Whether it’s a cropped image in a circular frame resembling a vinyl record or a similar aesthetic, ensure that your artwork aligns with the style of music you promote.

Tip 3: Curating the Right Song Selections

The songs you feature in your mixes or playlists can make a significant impact on your channel’s growth (especially when paired with the next tip).

Supporting smaller artists and labels is not only a great way to discover new talent but also increases the chances of engagement and interaction that can lead to meaningful relationships and connections within the music community.

It also just feels really good to be supporting smaller or newer talent btw! 🤗

Including songs from emerging artists or lesser-known labels also reduces your chances of more seirous copyright strikes that can actually harm your channel.

Tip 4: Enhancing User Experience with Timestamps and Chapters

One way to provide an excellent listener experience and boost your video’s SEO at the same time is by using YouTube’s timestamps and chapters feature.

By listing the tracklist with corresponding timestamps, listeners can easily navigate to their favorite songs or take note of them so they can support the artist and label later.

So! This not only encourages more engagement for you but also allows viewers to support their favorite artists by downloading or purchasing their songs.

Win-win. 🤙

Tip 5: Finding the Sweet Spot for Mix Duration

Experimenting with video lengths can help you determine the optimal length that your particular audience wants from you.

While longer mixes can still perform well, my personal data suggests that around 30 minutes tends to be the sweet spot (for me at least!).

With that said, it’s essential to gauge your audience’s preferences by testing different lengths and then simply adjusting accordingly.

Tip 6: Maintaining a Posting Schedule

To keep the momentum going, it’s crucial to establish a consistent posting schedule and aim to release new videos at least once a week.

This is honestly quite basic YouTube advice regardless of the channel that you are creating but it’s definitely worth covering here.

This frequency aligns well with the YouTube algorithm and helps maintain engagement with your audience by both letting YouTube know when to push your content and when your listeners should expect to tune in.

Now It’s Your Turn

Growing a successful music YouTube channel organically is an achievable goal if you employ the right strategies.

So long as you…

  1. Simplify your titles
  2. Craft aesthetically appealing artwork
  3. Curate the right song selections
  4. Enhance listener experience with timestamps
  5. Find the optimal video duration
  6. Maintain a consistent posting schedule

The journey of the creator we discussed in this article serves as an inspiration for aspiring musicians and content creators.

…so, what are you waiting for, my friend?

Apply these tips, create your own YouTube channel, and let your passion for music shine through the digital realm.

Good luck on your YouTube journey!

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"Copy/Paste" Your Music Promotion with The FREE Checklist I Used To Get 3,000,000+ Spotify Streams

Get your 7-step checklist for FREE: