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Hello and welcome to the very last day of the "It's Larry, Bitch" experience!

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from Best Friends Club

Why did I make this song?

Definitely, without a question, 100%... the coolest part about this tune is the story behind the sound clip of the girl speaking. It’s not a crazy story but I think it’s super cool. The clip was sent to me from a “fan” of what I’m doing with Best Friends Club.. Feels weird writing that.. Let’s say.. Friend. :)

It was sent to me from a friend and originally the song was named after her. But that didn’t feel right so I ended up calling it Larry. So why you ask?

She also signed up for the whole email pen pal thing that I do (clearly you did as well, so you know what I’m talking about) and her email address included some variation of “it’s larry bitch”.

It’s apparently some line from a movie. I didn’t really look into it much. But I thought it was cool and decided to name this entire EP after that as? well.

Seeing that my music was connecting with people and creating friendships like this had a really big impact on me. So I wanted to memorialize it in some way.

Hope you enjoyed the story and the tune!

What did U think of the song?

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Some pics/vids from the creation of this song

I actually created the initial demo for Larry several months before I released the demo for it in September 2019.

Around this time I posted a photo from my buddy Chris’ going away party (and drew polar bears and what not over it obv) and did a song recommendation for New Music Friday. This was before I started sharing a snippet of the actual song and linked it to a playlist like a dummy.


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