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Welcome to day 1, friend!

Hello and welcome to the very first day of the "It's Larry, Bitch" experience! ?

This is a top secret page I've created just for you. On this page, you will discover a bunch of cool behind the scenes content including stories from the time I was creating this song, the reason why I made Bart, how I made it, and more.

I'm excited to have you here and for the opportunity to tell my story, connect with you and share Bart with you in greater detail than most get to!

Have fun exploring the videos, photos, and little stories throughout this page, my friend! ?


from Best Friends Club

Get Bart plus 2 bonus songs:

  • Includes Bart (aka the song on this page)
  • Includes my flip of Sweetback by Viola Wills.
  • Includes a song that has an illegal Shiloh Dynasty sample.

Why did I make this song?

I first released the demo for Bart on October 1st, 2019. If you didn't follow what I've been doing with Best Friends Club until recently, then you probably don't know that I released a new song every single week in 2019. It was a behemoth of a challenge but I think it made me a lot better for it. 

Because I was releasing so much music, each song was really more of a demo than anything and I chose to give Bart ​a bit more of the special treatment and release it proper ​because I feel like it didn't get enough shine when I first dropped it.

Some reasons I really like this song are because the piano part in this one is actually played by me (I sometimes use samples, particularly with piano as I suck at that instrument hehe) and because of background/ambiance sounds in this one of all things.

Let me explain... ?

I usually go for walks when listening back to songs as a way to meditate on the song and decide what needs to be done with it. On this walk in particular I heard the sounds of cars on the outside blending in the with the song in my headphones, liked it and added it to the actual mix.

For even more detail and stories behind the creation of this song, be sure to check the video above if you haven't already! ☝️

What did U think of the song?

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Some pics/vids from the creation of this song

During the creation of Bart, I was trying to grow a mustache as you can see below in the videos that I posted. It's something I usually try at least 2 or 3 times a year, and always chop after seeing a photo of myself hahaha. ?

Also, I'm not sure why but The Simpsons were on my mind (hence name Bart) and when choosing the artwork, I saw the primate and decided his name was Bart. You can have a look at the original artwork for the demo below as well. ?


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