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Welcome to day 3, friend!

You know the drill! Just get right in there baby!!


from Best Friends Club ?

Full Lovers live performance

Behind the performance

Why did I make this song?

I just moved back to Toronto and this is the very first song I created in my new place. The name of the area I moved to is called "Deer Park" which I think sounds cool so made it the name of this tune. It took about 4 hours over the weekend but hopefully sounds like it took longer.

The main chords/synth thing is a sample (way to intricate for my dumb ass to play) but the rest is your good friend Mattias. ​?

I wanted to make something a bit more up beat (energy-wise) and I think I pulled that off here. It was definitely tough moving to a new space and getting straight to work on a new tune. Actually that’s not true. It was surprisingly easy! I’m glad I pushed myself to just do it right away or I may have held off on doing it for no good reason at all!

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the tune. :)

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Some pics/vids from the creation of this song

I mentioned that I had just moved early right? So in the posts I made durring this time, you can see I was still figuring out the layout. The videos are quite dark but it was definitely a step up from the look of my dad’s basement. I also happened to post a photo from one of my friend’s weddings that I drew a polar bear head and other crap over top hehe. ?


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