Day 2: Lov Sick

Lov Sick was actually originally released as a single on July 11, 2021.

I wanted to include it on this EP for 2 main reasons:

  1. I can
  2. It ties into the "love" theme from the first song

I'm pretty excited about this song because of the guitar solo that I snuck in as well as what I did in the middle breakdown of the tune.

I was trying to go for that feeling of stepping outside of a club for a breathe of fresh air before going back down the stairs to re-enter the club...

Right as the song playing is about kick off again hehe. :)

Oddly enough, just like "Lovely" made its way onto 3 different official Spotify editorial playlists, so did "Lov Sick":

If you make music yourself or just want to learn a bit more about how I'm able to keep getting cool results like this with my music, I actually started teaching others what I know.

For "Lov Sick" in particular, I actually broke down what kind of marketing and promotion stuff I did for it:

It might not be crazy interesting if you're not releasing music yourself, but it can be interesting to see what other kind of crap today's artists need to do to get their music out there.

Unfortunately, artists can't just create and release music anymore and need to learn how to wear several different hats to make an impact.

Luckily, I'm kind of a nerd and like this kind of stuff and get a kick out of teaching everything I know about it as well. :)

...and now back to the music...

 What Influenced This Track 

A technique I love to use when creating music is using what is called a "Reference Track".

The idea is to use a song that you like the style or sound of so that you "reference" it when creating your own song.

This is super helpful when making sure that your "mix" sounds professional and stands up against other professional recordings.

...even if you are just making your music in your bedroom like moi. :)

It can also be useful while building your track so that you can follow the structure and musical elements of the "Reference Track".

When creating "Lov Sick", I actually used this technique and here is the Reference Track that I was taking cues from:

Although it may seem like using a Reference Track can be seen as "cheating" or "copying", when listening to Lov Sick and this reference track back to back...

Does it actually feel like these songs are super similar?

The neat thing about this technique is that you end up with a polished track and since most artists have their own unique way of doing things, the end result will usually end up in a different place.

Here's another song that heavily influenced "Lov Sick":

Gravity.. a classic from esteemed house music producer, John Mayer. ;)

Alright, so it was mainly the guitar solo in Lov Sick that was influenced by John Mayer.

Over the last few years I've gotten massively into John Mayer and he's had a pretty big impact on how I got about playing guitar in particular.

If you're not into Mayer yet, I'd highly recommend doing yourself a huge favor and dive in.

I'll admit that for the longest time I thought he was a substance-less pop artist thanks to songs like "Your Body Is A Wonderland".

Don't make the same mistake as me, my friend!

- Matt