Day 3: What You Need

What You Need is probably my absolute most favorite song that I've ever created.

...which sucks because I can't properly release it. :(

Remember earlier on in the experience when I mentioned the trials and tribulations of sampling and licenses?

Well I most definitely do not have the rights to be able to properly release this one, so I am happy to share it with you here instead. :)

With that said, I have kind of posted this on the Internet in one way or another as you can see by this super high quality post below:

...so what is this sample that is holding me back from a proper release?

It's a neat one and there is a pretty interesting and mysterious history to the artist behind the sample.

So strap on that learning cap and let's go to school, my friend. :)

 About The Original Sample 

The original sample in "What You Need" is something I ripped from a really neat singer-songwriter named Shiloh Dynasty.

Shiloh is this really mysterious and amazing artist that started posting little snippets of their music on Instagram in 2015.

The snippet that I sampled was one called "DGAF" which you can hear below:

If you've never heard anything from Shiloh Dynasty, I'd definitely recommend looking them up although they unfortunately only have 15 to 30 second snippets of things and no full songs.

You also may have already heard of them before since their snippets have been heavily sampled by lots of lofi and hiphop artists.

Check out this little documentary if you wanna learn more about the history and mystery of Shiloh Dynasty:

 What Influenced This Track 

One of the very first dance music artists that I ever fell in love with was fellow Canadian, Kaytranada.

The bounce and vibe of their more house music sounding tracks was something I fell in love with early on when I was first discovering this kind of music in general.

In particular, they have a song called "Lite Spots" that was my standout favorite and is definitely something I tried to emulate when creating What You Need:

Getting back to everything I mentioned before about the original for this track, I'd be a fool to not show you the song where I first discovered Shiloh Dynasty.

This isn't necessarily a house tune, but I absolutely love it and hearing how this artist used the Shiloh sample was definitely a big influence.

Check this out and hold onto your butt when the beat really kicks in:

 What You Need DJ Mix 

Lastly, I want to share a live DJ mix that I did based off of this track.

I didn't record the video for this one but I hope you enjoy the mix:

I haven't publicly released this mix yet, so I hope you enjoy getting to hear it before anyone else. :)

See you tomorrow for the last(?) day of the experience, my friend!

- Matt