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The Spotify Success Method consists of video & text lessons, worksheets, exercises, and more. This is my step-by-step, proven, no-nonsense advice to walk you through my entire process for going from zero to 1,000,000 streams.

Training 1: The Ultimate Release Plan To Get 1,000,000 Streams in 28 Days

What you'll learn | $100 Value

Set the foundations for your success by learning exactly how the Spotify algorithm works and how you can use that knowledge to turn the algorithm in your favor to get free streams from user, algorithmic, and editorial playlists.

  • How the Spotify algorithm actually works so that you can hack the Spotify algorithm to get free streams
  • Exactly how to get on Spotify's Editorial, Algorithmic, and User playlists to boost your stream counts
  • Craft a custom 6 - 12 month release strategy for your very own music 
Training 2: Accounts & Content Essentials For Spotify Success

What you'll learn | $100 Value

By the end of this training you will have everything you need to succeed on Spotify: lots of good music, mastery of the online platforms, and all the templates required for growing your streams.

  • How to prepare a foolproof social media strategy, Music Links that work, and all the "content" you need
  • How to get your music on Spotify with an official Artist Profile and successfully pitch to the Spotify editors
  • How you can actually make your music "good" & make lots of it so that always have music to release
Training 3: The 7 Step Release System For Spotify Success

What you'll learn | $150 Value

It's time to put your release campaign together. Learn how to adjust the strategy based on your initial results so that you can improve your stream and follower counts release after release.

  • How to actually run Facebook ads for Spotify growth so you can find real fans who like similar music to yours
  • How to run your campaigns with a shoestring budget and 0% stress yet still get incredible results
  • How to improve your results every single release so that you your releases get better and easier every time

Extra bonuses to make things easier

Make it from zero to 1,000,000 streams quicker, more easily, and with less headaches by taking advantage of all of the free bonuses normally reserved for students in the Advanced tier of the Spotify Success Method.


Tried and true templates | $67 Value

Get started faster with the exact smart link, social media, and video ad templates I personally used to get over 3.5 million Spotify streams.

Skip the 1,000s of dollars and hours I spent A/B testing different ideas with these conversion-optimized templates.


Cheat sheets and check lists | $47 Value

Get exactly the info you need, exactly when you need it. You will find 5+ cheat sheets and check lists to make the course exercises easier to complete and the lessons easier to learn.

In fact, I still personally use these to make my own releases go smoother and with less stress.


Advanced Facebook Ads For Spotify Success| $100 Value

Learn the advanced tactics you need to make your Facebook Ads actually turn into real streams on Spotify.

The same "tricks" that E-Commerce businesses use to make millions of dollars with Facebook Ads can be used to make you millions of streams.


Find Your Fans Targeting Guide| $50 Value

Use this powerful Audience Targeting Guide so that you can easily find your fans and target audience.

Learn how to use free tools inside of Facebook Ads to "steal" the fans of similar artists and genres who are most likely to love your music.


Beginner's Guide To Facebook Ads For Spotify Success| $50 Value

Learn how to get started with Facebook Ads by getting the basics done right.

Run your ads with confidence knowing that your tracking and installation has been set up without any errors that can cost you conversion and streams down the line.


Get More Streams With Smart Links Course| $50 Value

Get more streams, sales and fans by cloning any smart link tool out there (ToneDen, Linktree, etc).

No more wasting time signing up for multiple services or wondering if you chose the right one.


Direct contact & support| $250 Value

Get direct contact and support from your teacher (aka me!). I'm 100% dedicated to helping get you results and will personally work with you to make sure you do.

Making It Work With Limited Time| $75 Value

Take control of your time with my productivity hacks so that you can effectively release music without worrying about the hours in the day.

A must have for artists with limited time, a family, or full-time job.

Making It Work With Limited Money| $75 Value

Take control of your financial situation so that you can effectively release music without worrying about the dollars left in your wallet.

A must have for artists with little money to spend on music marketing.

My Top Secret Data | $97 Value

Get the data of 15+ releases done with the Spotify Success method. From utter failures to campaigns that got millions of streams and a handful of Editorial playlists.

I've documented each release I've done on a daily basis to track what works and what doesn't. Plus, I continue to update these in real-time as a I release new music each and every month

Future "Spotify Success" Courses| $100 Value

I'm constantly trying to improve my courses and develop new courses that can help artists reach their goals. Any new courses I create that can help an artist "succeed on Spotify" will be given to Advanced students for free, forever.

...and even more is coming soon!

Coming Soon!
Live Q&A Sessions | $150 Value

Join live Q&A sessions (actually hosted by me) that take place at least once per month. Ask questions both live or in advance of each session!

  • Get live answers, help and guidance so that you can quickly overcome your current challenge(s) and take your music career to the next level.
  • Ask questions in advance so I can take some time to research and prepare the most thoughtful and valuable answer possible for you.
  • Learn about the new tests and experiments that I'm personally working on so you don't have to wait for updates to courses or brand new courses to be made available. 
Coming Soon!
Early Access To New Content | $100 Value

Join live Q&A sessions (actually hosted by me) that take place at least once per month. Ask questions both live or in advance of each session!

Coming Soon!
Discounted Music Marketing Audits | $55 Value

Get my thoughts on where you are currently as an artist and what you should be working on next to reach the next milestone in your music career.

Answer a few short questions and provide your best links so I can create a Music Marketing Audit personalized to YOUR unique music career.

Coming Soon!
Discounted Campaign Reviews | $55 Value

I'll review your release campaigns and give direct guidance on how to complete AND optimize your campaigns.

Banish that nagging feeling of wondering if you "set things up correctly" so you can focus on making your release the success it deserves to be.

Coming Soon!
Discounted "Done With You" Services | $500+ Value

Send me your music, links, and anything you have prepared - I'll do the rest and for an exclusive "friends only" discount.

From complete account setups to release campaigns to full website builds.

I can handle your creative assets like video ads, social posts, and even artwork for you as well.

P.S. The "done with you" service means that the more you can complete by yourself, the more money you can save on getting any extra help from moi. :)

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You see... I want to be able to help more artists like you reach your goals on Spotify by helping you automate and systematize ALL of your music promotion.

By following the systems, trainings, and workflows that I use and teach everyday, you too will be able to free up your time for more important things.

I truly believe the world would be a better place if more people like you and I were able to freely give our music, creativity, and art to the world.

By putting everything I know about finding success on Spotify into 1 low-cost membership, you're able to get everything you need and only when you need it.

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I actually encourage you to join and leave as you please to make sure you minimize your costs and maximize your results based on whatever the current situation with your music and your life is.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it after the trial?

The cost is $27 USD per month after the trial period HOWEVER...

There may or may not be a ridiculously discounted annual payment option available to you directly after you complete the short form above. ;)

How easy is it to cancel my membership?

Memberships cancellations are "self-service" which means you can cancel your membership at anytime with just a few clicks.

There is an optional feedback survey that I personally appreciate you filling out but that is really it. :)

Can I refund my membership?


You can refund your $1 during the 7-day trial period at anytime.


There is a 30-day money back guarantee that starts the day after the trial period as well.

Just email matt@bestfriendsclub.ca and I'll make sure your refund is taken care of quickly and quietly. :)

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