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Live Q&A Sessions | $150 Value

Join live Q&A sessions (actually hosted by me) that take place at least once per month. Ask questions both live or in advance of each session!

  • Get live answers, help and guidance so that you can quickly overcome your current challenge(s) and take your music career to the next level.
  • Ask questions in advance so I can take some time to research and prepare the most thoughtful and valuable answer possible for you.
  • Learn about the new tests and experiments that I'm personally working on so you don't have to wait for updates to courses or brand new courses to be made available. 
Music Marketing Audits | $75 Value

Get my thoughts on where you are currently as an artist and what you should be working on next to reach the next milestone in your music career.

Answer a few short questions and provide your best links so I can create a Music Marketing Audit personalized to YOUR unique music career.

Campaign Reviews | $75 Value

I'll review your release campaigns and give direct guidance on how to complete AND optimize your campaigns.

Banish that nagging feeling of wondering if you "set things up correctly" so you can focus on making your release the success it deserves to be.

Discounted "Done With You" Services | $500+ Value

Send me your music, links, and anything you have prepared - I'll do the rest and for an exclusive "friends only" discount.

From complete account setups to release campaigns to full website builds.

I can handle your creative assets like video ads, social posts, and even artwork for you as well.

P.S. The "done with you" service means that the more you can complete by yourself, the more money you can save on getting any extra help from moi. :)

...and more!?

I have a bunch of other ideas like hosting live lessons on subjects, inviting guests to teach subjects, paying Facebook Ads for Spotify experts to host some of the sessions, etc..

However, we'll start small while also using our sessions to figure out what would be most useful to actually action on together as a community. :)

Join today for only $1...

Because you're a Spotify Success Method student, I want to give you access to everything in this membership for 60 whole days and for just $1.

And if I don't already sound like a complete idiot for offering this as is...

Wait until I tell you that the refund policy is 60 full days starting from the day AFTER your $1 60-day trail ends.

You see... I want to be able to help more artists reach their goals by improving the systems, trainings, and workflows that I use and teach everyday.

And by getting more involved and directly helping some of the most talented and ambitious artists that I know...

We can make sure that the tide really does rise all ships, my friend. :)

So if you're ready to get the help you need as an artist today, simply complete the short from below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why SO inexpensive for 2 whole months?

This is a brand new membership and the first Live Q&A session will not be until October 26th. There will be growing pains along the way so I'm happy to have less cash-money in my pocket in exchange for your patience while things get rolling. :)

How much is it AFTER the $1 trial period?

The cost is $27 USD per month after the trial period HOWEVER...

There may or may not be a ridiculously discounted annual payment option available to you directly after you complete the short form above. ;)

What if I can't attend the sessions?

Although I can figure out how to save the replays for you and I may offer the opportunity to get personalized videos in addition to the sessions...

You'll likely get the most out of something like this if you are able to attend, so please consider that when making your choice!

Can I refund my membership?


You can refund your $1 during the 60-day trial period at anytime.


There is a 60-day money back guarantee that starts the day after the trial period as well.

Just email matt@bestfriendsclub.ca and I'll make sure your refund is taken care of quickly and quietly. :)

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