Congrats, My Friend! 🥂

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Here's what to do next...

How To Access Your Shiny New Products

If this is the first thing you've gotten from me:

Simply check your email inbox for an email titled "Your account has been created" from Best Friends Club (wordpress@bestfriendsclub.ca) with your login details for the Members Area where you'll find your new stuff.

If you've been to the Members Area before:

Your Members Area should already be updated with access to your new stuff! Just head back to that tab or click here to access your Members Area.

Need help accessing your products?

If you have any trouble accessing your stuff, watch this quick video:

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If you are still having any troubles logging in or have not yet received your login details after following the steps in the above video:

Simply email me at matt@bestfriendsclub.ca and I will personally help you out, my friend. 😊