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Spotify Promotion Services in 2023: Legit or Not?

By Matthew Vultaggio

August 18, 2023

Spotify promotion services can offer a strategic approach to boost visibility, increase streams, and propel music careers to new heights.

A Spotify promotion service is a specialized marketing agency or platform that assists artists in promoting their music on Spotify. These services aim to enhance an artist’s presence within the different curated Spotify playlists.

When paired with the right promo service, artists can potentially reach a wider and more targeted audience which increases their chances of gaining followers, growing streams, and ultimately, making money from their music.

Whether you’re an aspiring artist looking to kickstart your music career or an established musician seeking to expand your reach, this guide will help you uncover the strategies, benefits, and potential pitfalls of using Spotify promotion services.

Can Spotify Promotion Services Trigger The Algorithim?

Spotify’s algorithms analyze user behavior to curate personalized playlists and recommendations, influencing what listeners hear.

Having your music featured on these playlists can dramatically boost your visibility.

I’ve personally gained over 500,000 streams from the Spotify algorithmic playlist called Spotify Radio alone:

However, gaining entry to these coveted playlists requires more than just musical prowess; it demands a well-orchestrated promotional strategy.

By leveraging knowledge of Spotify’s algorithms, playlist placement tactics, and audience targeting, you can use “music promotion” to significantly enhance your chances of securing prime spots on influential playlists.

…but does this mean that the Spotify promotion services available in 2023 can actually help do this or are they “scams”?

7 Top Reasons Artists Should Avoid Spotify Promotion Services

While Spotify promotion services offer promising avenues for enhancing visibility and streams, it’s important to keep in mind that not all of these are legit.

1. Harming The Algorithm For Your Spotify Profile

The main reason you should be very critical of any Spotify promotion service you see is because of the massive long-term negative impact that it can have on the Spotify algorithm for your Artist Profile.

If a promotion service puts you on a playlist filled with random songs from all different genres then the Spotify algorithm can’t accurately figure out who your ideal fan is.

Spotify’s algorithm also can’t figure out your ideal fan if your music is added to a playlist where the majority of that playlist’s listeners are bots that listen to only random songs from different genres.

Although you may get a boost of streams in the short term, you’re potentially cutting yourself off from getting hundreds of thousands of organic streams from the Spotify algorithm in the long term.

2. No Long-Term Streams or Engagement

While Spotify promotion services can lead to short-term spikes in streams, some artists prioritize cultivating long-term engagement with their audience.

Most Spotify promotion services will only increase your engagement for as long as you continue to pay them to put you on playlists – the moment you stop, you’re off the playlist and all the growth stops.

Often it is better to value the slow, steady growth that comes from genuine fan connections, even if it means eschewing rapid stream increases.

3. Major Ethical Concerns

There have been instances of unethical practices within the realm of Spotify promotion services, including the use of fake or manipulated streams.

Artists who are committed to maintaining ethical practices and avoiding any association with fraudulent activities may choose to steer clear of such services.

4. Limited Budget For Promotion

Not all artists have the financial resources to invest in professional promotion services.

Budget limitations can lead some musicians to seek alternative, cost-effective methods of gaining exposure, such as grassroots marketing, social media engagement, and building a dedicated fan base through live performances.

Combine this with the other reasons on this list and it can be seen as a serious waste of money to “invest” any money in Spotify promotion services.

5. There Are Better Options Available

Certain artists prefer to explore other channels of growth, believing that their music will find its way to listeners through Facebook Ads to grow streams, record label signings, and collaborations with other artists.

Every artist’s journey is unique, and some prefer to chart their own course rather than follow the (often) seedy path of utilizing promotion services.

6. Maintaining Artistic Integrity

Some artists prioritize maintaining creative control and authenticity over their music.

They fear that aggressive & unethical promotional tactics might compromise the integrity of their artistic expression by being associated with sketchy promotional tactics.

7. Ruining Future Opportunities With Labels, Managers & Promoters

Top artists in 2023 have a real concern that when music industry folks like managers, record labels, and promoters notice that they are using sketchy promotional methods they will not want to work with them.

Although it may be tempting to think that large numbers alone can “trick” the music industry into thinking you’re an artist worth paying attention to any working with you’d be wrong.

It’s easier than you think for anyone to take a closer look and compare more important metrics (like engagement) to see through any sketchy promotion.

What Should Artists Do Instead Of Spotify Promotion Services?

Artists with limited budgets should learn the DIY approach by releasing and promoting their music all by themselves.

If this is you, I’ve created a simple (and free) 7-Step Spotify Release Checklist that you can use to make sure your music gets heard faster and easier than ever before.

This is the same checklist I’ve followed to have my music streamed over 6.5 million times on Spotify alone and get placed on 20+ Spotify editorial playlists.

Artists with larger budgets at their disposal should look into more legitimate music marketing agencies that use techniques like targeted ads and organic social media content to promote their music.

However, artists should be aware that these agencies can cost artists between $500 – $1000+ per release and can’t ethically guarantee any results.

Some of my favorite music marketing tools

Thank you for reading this article, my friend, and I hope you found it helpful as you build your own successful career in music. 🙂

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"Copy/Paste" Your Music Promotion with The FREE Checklist I Used To Get 3,000,000+ Spotify Streams

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