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  • Beginner's Guide To Facebook Ads For Spotify Success

Beginner's Guide To Facebook Ads For Spotify Success

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Beginner's Guide To Facebook Ads For Spotify Success

Getting Started

Start Here, My Friend!

The Truth About Facebook Ads & Spotify Growth

Important Updates For Facebook Ads in 2022

Getting Started With Facebook Ads For Spotify Growth

The Steps

How To Create A Facebook Pixel For Advertising Your Music

How To Install The Facebook Pixel

How To Set Up A Custom Domain For Spotify Conversion Ads

How To Set Up Custom Conversion Events For Spotify Conversion Ads

How To Manually Attach A Conversion Event To Any Button

How To Make Sure Your Conversion Events Are Properly Firing

Setting Up A Spotify Conversion Ad Inside Of The Facebook Ads Manager

How To Stay Consistent & Improve Your Results

What's Next For You

Advanced Facebook Ads Strategies For Spotify Success

Ongoing Support & Learning

Troubleshooting / FAQ

About the Teacher

Matthew Vultaggio

Matthew Vultaggio aka Best Friends Club is a Canadian lofi/house producer and DJ with support from an unusual variety of artists including Martin Garrix and Foals. The varied support is probably due to the variety in the sound so unapologetically unique to Best Friends Club. Pop sensibilities are borrowed from artists like Tom Misch and Kaytranada. The composition and arrangement from artists like Black Loops, Bellaire, and Harrison BDP. And these modern influences are balanced alongside the undeniably influential soul and vibe of black artists like Bill Withers, Gil-Scot Heron and Sade. By combining all of these varied interests with creative cues from sample-based hip hop and thoughtful jazz legends of the past, Best Friends Club's deep house treatment is distinctly modern and instantly classic.