Ultimate Smart Links For Music

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Ultimate Smart Links For Music

Intro & The Strategy

5 lessons


What You Need To Get Started

The Strategy For Getting More Streams With Custom Smart Links

The Best Tactic For Finding Highly Targeted/Engaged Listeners (aka Fans)

Putting It All Together

A Full Website In 5 Minutes

4 lessons

Resources & Costs

Getting Started

Setting Up BlueHost

Installing WordPress

Website Basics

4 lessons

Walkthrough of WordPress

Recommended Settings + Facebook Pixel Install

Creating Your First Basic Smart Link

Important Update On Using Facebook Ads With Your Smart Links

The Secret Sauce For Ultimate Smart Links

3 lessons

Advanced Smart Links + Free Templates

Taking Things To The Next Level


About the Teacher

Matthew Vultaggio

Matthew Vultaggio aka Best Friends Club is a Canadian lofi/house producer and DJ who also teaches how to make sweet music and grow sweet, sweet Spotify streams.