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  • Spotify Success: From 0 To 1 Million Spotify Streams In 28 Days

Spotify Success: From 0 To 1 Million Spotify Streams In 28 Days

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Spotify Success: From 0 To 1 Million Spotify Streams In 28 Days

The Strategy

11 lessons



Intro To The Spotify Success Strategy

How to get 1,000,000 streams on Spotify

The Definitive Strategy For Spotify Success

The Spotify Algorithm

How the Spotify algorithm actually works

How to hack the Spotify algorithm

Getting On Spotify's Different Playlists

Exactly how to get on Spotify’s Algorithm playlists

Exactly how to get on Spotify’s Editorial playlists

The importance of Spotify user playlists

Getting Listeners To Your Spotify

The way to get real listeners to your Spotify profile

How to grow a loyal fanbase and not just Spotify streams

How to make money from releasing music on Spotify

Getting Started

8 lessons

The Basics

How you can actually make your music “good”

The social media strategy for Spotify success

Creating smart website links that actually get streams

Getting On Spotify

How to get your music on Spotify (& get an official Spotify Artist Profile)

How to successfully pitch your music to the Spotify editors

Prepping Assets

How to easily prepare videos for your campaign

Prepare the Smart Link assets for your first campaign *Updated*

How to get set up for Facebook Ads (properly) *New*

Your Release Campaign

14 lessons

Scheduling Your Campaign

Schedule social media posts for your first release campaign

Important Updates On Using Facebook Ads *Updated*

How to actually run Facebook ads for Spotify growth *Updated*

Scheduling your first ‘New Release’ Facebook ads campaign *Updated*

BONUS: Find Your Fans™ Audience Targeting Guide *Updated*

Running Your Campaign

How to effectively budget for your releases

(Finally) running your very first Spotify Success campaign *Updated*

Improving Your Campaign

How to improve your results every single release *Updated*

Getting more results for less with Retargeting & Lookalike campaigns *Updated*

Optional on-going Playlist Builder + Engagement Campaigns

BONUS: Facebook Ads Optimization Guide

Long Term Growth

How to run an effective campaign with 0% stress

The real secret to getting 1,000,000 streams in 28 days

BONUS: Spotify Success Roadmap

About the Teacher

Matthew Vultaggio

Matthew Vultaggio aka Best Friends Club is a Canadian lofi/house producer and DJ with support from an unusual variety of artists including Martin Garrix and Foals. The varied support is probably due to the variety in the sound so unapologetically unique to Best Friends Club. Pop sensibilities are borrowed from artists like Tom Misch and Kaytranada. The composition and arrangement from artists like Black Loops, Bellaire, and Harrison BDP. And these modern influences are balanced alongside the undeniably influential soul and vibe of black artists like Bill Withers, Gil-Scot Heron and Sade. By combining all of these varied interests with creative cues from sample-based hip hop and thoughtful jazz legends of the past, Best Friends Club's deep house treatment is distinctly modern and instantly classic.