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Traktor Vs. Virtual DJ: Which is the Best DJ Software in 2023?

By Matthew Vultaggio

February 27, 2023

While having a great playlist consisting of all the hit songs, old and new, is essential, having the right music delivery system is also just as necessary. As a DJ, you can either have plenty of CDs or records or a reliable, efficient DJ software platform.

However, does carrying around CDs and records seem feasible in modern times? Do you think taking care of all the records and CDS is easy, ensuring they do not have a scratch or crack? Or, does carrying around a single DJ software seem easy? Let’s find out!

There are several DJ software you can choose from, including Traktor, Virtual DJ, and Serato. However, if you think about Traktor pro vs. Virtual DJ, which is better? Should you also consider Serato vs. Traktor vs. Virtual DJ?

You may even wonder if Traktor is good for beginners, or “Do DJs still use Traktor?” It is time to find out the answer to all these questions and establish the ultimate answer: Which DJ program is the best?

Traktor Pro vs. Virtual DJ

While both Traktor Pro and Virtual DJ are excellent options as DJ software, a few characteristics set them apart.

To choose your pick, consider the features most vital for you and get a DJ software accordingly.

Let’s discuss the most common and prominent characteristics of Traktor Pro and Virtual DJ and which one does it better:


One of the main factors when buying any product is affordability. You can only buy specific software or hardware if it is within your financial reach, regardless of its features (or perhaps consider DJing mobile apps for testing the waters).

Although both software, Traktor Pro and Virtual DJ, are considered worth buying due to their numerous functions, Virtual DJ takes the award for this one.

Virtual DJ is considered a better purchase from the price-point view as it offers almost the same amount of functions at a lower price.

The Virtual DJ manufacturers have given the audience the freedom to use their product while also staying within their budget. However, there is a twist to it!

The price for Virtual DJ can also be just as high as Traktor Pro’s, depending on the version that you opt for. Some Virtual DJ versions are basic, so the price is lower and, therefore, more affordable.

However, as you keep adding features and extending your budget, you can get your hands on the latest Virtual DJ version with all the modern features. You can also pay for the Virtual DJ’s newer versions in installments at several commercial stores.

Compatibility with Wide Array of Hardware

Both Traktor Pro and Virtual DJ are compatible with a wide variety of hardware, allowing you to use them in different environments and settings.

However, one of them works with a greater number of hardware equipment, making things considerably easier for the user.

While Traktor is an excellent DJ software, it is not compatible with all the controllers out there. In fact, some users have reported that mapping keys when working with custom hardware can be a nightmare.

But this is not the case with Virtual DJ, which works effortlessly with several hardware equipment, making it ideal for parties and other gatherings.

Virtual DJ does not require any complicated mapping; however, it also depends on your controller. In fact, you may even be able to play it without having to do any kind of setup.

This feature makes Virtual DJ a perfect fit for newbies and people who like playing music as soon as they reach. It is a more intuitive and better choice when it comes to compatibility with other hardware.

Sleek and Modern Design

Another feature that is among the top most considered ones is the look of the DJ software. While both Traktor Pro and Virtual DJ have good designs, the Traktor DJ software has a sleeker and more polished interface design.

Traktor Pro has a sheer eye-candy look in fancy gatherings, giving viewers a nicer feel. However, it’s easy to use, and it is still lesser than Virtual DJ.

In contrast, Virtual DJ’S interface is not considered as sophisticated as the Traktor Pro’s. Some users have even said it looks a bit ‘childish,’ suggesting an improvement to the manufacturers in the overall look.

The users believe that a DJ software as good as a Virtual DJ should have a more professional look any compromise on its quality or functionality. While the modern design feature is easy to overlook, some DJs prefer each of their equipment to look polished and high-end.

A good solution to tackle an unpleasant design is to use skins to the software. You can use personalized skins for Traktor Pro and Virtual DJ interfaces. This is also a good way for easy recognition and adding a greater sense of belonging.

However, please keep in mind that adding skins to the interface may affect the software’s reliability. Therefore, go for Virtual DJ if the contemporary design is not a problem for you.

Sound Effects

Do design, affordability, and functions even matter if the sound effects are bad? One of the most crucial points when buying any DJ software is the sound effects.

If the sound quality is compromised in any way, the user cannot play it well in any setting, no matter how good the beat or their tracks’ collection is.

Although both Traktor Pro and Virtual DJ have good sound effects, the former DJ software bags the award for this one. Traktor is slightly pricier than Virtual DJ, but the extra bucks are worth it as it delivers better, more realistic sound quality without adversely affecting the tone, frequency, or impendence.

According to several users, the Virtual DJ software’s sound quality comes out as canned and artificial. Although the manufacturers have worked hard on this particular feature, the sound quality still needs a lot of improvement.

The users of Virtual DJ have also reported that it sounds a little inferior, especially when placed next to Traktor. Despite the fact the Virtual DJ does produce some very realistic beats, they still sound less lively than beats emitted by the Traktor software.

However, the sound quality difference is only noticeable if either professionals or those who listen to each beat very closely intending to judge its characteristics. Numerous DJs have no issues using the Virtual DJ as it has other features that somewhat make up for the lack of sound quality.

Remote Options

One of the most important features when buying any product is its ease of use and versatility. While both Traktor Pro and Virtual DJ are easy to understand and use, Virtual DJ is said to be handled more quickly by beginners and experienced.

Among the most incredible selling points of Virtual DJ is that you can use it with plenty of modern machines other than traditional computers. These modern machines include tablets, iPhones, and other mobile phones instead of the typical laptop.

This feature puts Virtual DJ above Traktor, making it more versatile and better for usage at home and at small gatherings.

Stem Mixing

A recent feature that has been added to Virtual DJ is stem-mixing. The Virtual DJ developers have come up with this remarkable function in 2022, making it an absolute game-changer. A feature as demanding as this one has brought Virtual DJ one step ahead of Traktor, according to several experts.

Stem-mixing is basically a replacement of the usual EQ bands with bass, vocals, beat, hi-hat, and so on.

It allows the user to completely shut off the vocals (lyrics) of a particular song or eliminate certain parts, encouraging the crowd to join and sing or leaving the drums or other instruments players to help the singer transition to a different track.

Therefore, if you are a DJ who works at larger gatherings or simply like involving the audience every now and then, the Virtual DJ with its newest stem-mixing feature is definitely something you should check out.

Besides many other brilliant features, Virtual DJ is also a long-term product with considerable durability.

Serato vs Traktor vs Virtual DJ

Let’s shed some light upon Serato and its various features that have earned it its fame. It is compared with Rekordbox, a cloud-connecting platform for DJs of all levels, in terms of popularity. However, Serato’s proposition is a little different.


Serato is primarily famous in the USA, prominently among the scratch and hip-hop DJs. Earlier, it was known as ‘Serato Scratch Live.’ You cannot export the Serato-analyzed music to your USB drive, so its use is limited to laptops only.

Serato does not make its own hardware, something similar to several other DJ platforms, and requires a third-party license. It can be used with several hardware platforms, including Numark, Rane, Roland, Reloop, Denon DJ, and Pioneer DJ and its pro DJ gear is typical of clubs.

Serato maintains tight control over its integrations, making them reliable, water-tight, and easy to use. Some of its features include the following:

  • A reasonable number of features with video playback, music streaming integration, and many other modern features.
  • A suitable, all-rounder choice that works at home and in other music environments. Also appropriate for small gatherings.
  • Comes in two versions, Serato DJ Pro and Serato DJ Live. If you get your gear from the latter, purchasing gear to update to the former is necessary.
  • Termed as expensive overall, since many advanced features have to be bought.

Traktor Pro

The Traktor Pro DJ software was a leader of its times; however, it is still pretty popular. It is basically laptop software without any USB or standalone option.

But it does showcase compatibility with a wide range of hardware, such as Traktor Kontrol Z2 mixer and Traktor Kontrol S4 Mk3 controller.

The Traktor Pro also works with Pioneer DJ Pro gear, including the CDJ-3000 and CDJ-2000 players. Although it seems to have fallen behind in recent years, it is coming back with upgrades like streaming services. Its features are the following:

  • Ideal for electronic music lovers.
  • Great sound quality and realistic effects.
  • Works well with native instruments production gear.
  • Harbors some limitations, such as non-flexible beat-grinding.
  • More challenging for newbies as it has some complex settings and controls

Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ was and has maintained its fame among a large number of DJ platforms worldwide. Its free version has millions of downloads and lifetime updates for those paying for it. Virtual DJ is among the most powerful DJ software with a significant number of modern functions.

  • Advanced, powerful platform with exciting features, including real-time stem-mixing.
  • It has to be bought once only, along with the lifetime updates.
  • Design is not as modern as others in the line.
  • Supplied effects are not as improved as the other platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is Better, Traktor or Virtual DJ?

While Traktor has a sleeker design and better sound quality, Virtual DJ is more affordable and comes with a greater number of advanced features, including stem-mixing. Therefore, buy the DJ software that best suits your needs.

Do DJs still use Traktor?

Although no longer as popular as the Virtual DJ software currently, Tractor is still used by many DJs across the globe due to its good sound quality and modern design.

Is Traktor good for beginners?

Traktor is a reliable brand well-suited for beginner and experienced DJs.

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