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5 Best Sample Packs For Deep House (Classic, Minimal, Lo-Fi House)

By Matthew Vultaggio

February 27, 2023

Tired of not finding what you are looking for when searching for real deep house? I’ve compiled the 5 best sample packs for the underground sound of classic deep house, minimal house/techno, and lo-fi house.

Look elsewhere if you want sample packs with that mainstream, cheesy vocal-based deep house. Around these parts, there are no girls in bikinis to promote the music, just vibe-y photos cropped in the shape of a circle.

All The Samples From MarsBest OverallCheck Price
Vintage HouseBest BudgetCheck Price
Organic House & Jazz HouseBest Under 100Check Price
Deep Grooving HouseBest Under 50Check Price
BFC Deep EssentialsBest FreeGet For Free

These sample packs have been judged and rated on the following 3 criteria:

  1. The cost/value of the sample pack. This is to make sure you get the most bang for your buck.
  2. The overall sound quality and flexibility of the sounds in the sample pack.
  3. How suitable it is for underground dance music genres like: deep house, minimal, micro, lo-fi house, etc.

With that out of the way, let’s dive into the 5 best sample packs for deep house music that will take your music and your productions to the next level.

Best Overall Sample Pack For Deep House

The backbone of any great deep house production is the quality of its drum and synth sounds. This is why my pick for the best overall sample pack for deep house is All The Samples From Mars from Samples From Mars.

You probably know that drum sounds like the 808 and 909 are absolutely essential in electronic and dance music, so having the absolute highest quality samples of these sounds is essential to your track’s being top-notch.

With this sample pack, you get all of these essential drum sounds and lots of rare drum sounds, all recorded in high quality and processed using only hardware.

There are also a huge variety of options, with each sound having multiple processing like being sent through vintage MPCs, samplers, and other hardware.

On top of this, there are high-quality samples from essential and rare vintage synthesizers like the Mini Moog, Yamaha DX100, and Roland TB-3030.

This collection really has everything you need. The only catch is that it can be quite expensive.

Cost & Value

The cost for this pack is $1,579 but is almost always on sale for $199. However, I actually picked this mega sample pack up myself for around $30.

In my opinion, it is easily worth the $199 but if you would like to get notified when this sample pack goes on sale, you can sign up for my email list here (I’ll also send you a free sample pack right away and hit you up from time to time on how to make sweet music and grow your streaming numbers).

Sound Quality & Flexibility

The amount of different sounds and samples you get in this sample pack is absolutely staggering. There are almost 50GB of samples here as it is a collection of over 20 individual sample packs.

Luckily, there is an “Essentials” sample pack included that is only available when you get this bundle that has 1GB of the absolute best stuff (a true lifesaver).

In terms of sound quality… seriously I’ve never come across anything better and I actually heavily rely on these samples in my own productions.

Why It’s A Great Sample Pack For Deep House


  • Extremely high sound quality samples with lots of variations
  • Every essential drum sound you would ever need is included (909, 808, 707, Linn-drum, and lots of rare drum machines)
  • Every essential synth sound you would ever need is included (303, Moog, DX100, and lots of rare synths)
  • 100% hardware-only processing to the samples


  • Expensive when not on sale
  • Needs almost 50 GB of hard drive space

Best Budget Sample Pack For Deep House

If you are looking to pick up the best possible sample pack for deep house music while on a budget, the absolute best method is to sign up for a month of Splice and select 100 – 300 samples from the Vintage House sample pack by Sample Magic.

The Vintage House sample pack blends elements of authentic classic house with soul, disco, and techno. This combo of sounds is absolutely perfect for nailing the real deep house sound.

The trick here is to temporarily sign up for a Splice plan, pick up a whole bunch of samples, and then cancel the plan. ?

If you are on a budget, this little trick is a great way to get 100s of deep house samples for just a few dollars.

Cost & Value

You can get 100 of the samples in this pack for just $8 and 300 of the samples for just $14, by temporarily signing up for Splice. That is a great amount of value for the price.

Pro tip: if you are on a strict budget, make sure to cancel your plan after you grab your samples!

Sound Quality & Flexibility

The sound quality of this pack is great and the wide variety of genres covered in the pack means it is very flexible as well. The melodic loops in particular that Sample Magic is able to create are very top-notch (I’ve used them in my own releases).

On top of this, by using the Splice method, you actually have access to all of the freakin’ samples that are available on Splice. Now that is flexible.

Why It’s A Great Sample Pack For Deep House


  • The best way to nail the deep house sound on a budget
  • Over 531 loops and 431 one-shots for you to select from
  • By using Splice you can actually select sounds from any sample pack you choose


  • You don’t get the full sample pack
  • You have to remember to cancel the Splice plan so you don’t get charged for the next month

Best Deep House Sample Packs Under $100

If you are looking for a solid set of sample packs that will easily nail the underground deep house, do yourself a favor and look at the Organic House and Jazz House packs from UNDRGRND Sounds.

The sounds and vibes are essential to the true sound of deep house music. This is why the Deep & Jazz House sample pack should be an essential part of your sample library collection.

The Organic House sample pack will land you in the more experimental realm of the dancier sides of artists like Four Tet and Bonobo with its very organic and textural sound palettes.

Combine these two packs and you have everything you need to live and thrive in the underground for years to come.

Cost & Value

You can pick up both sample packs for around $85. If you only want one of the sample packs, you can easily get them individually between $30 and $40.

I think they are both worth it, so if you have $100 to spend I would recommend picking both of these bad boys up.

Also!! Loopmasters seems to discount packs by over 50% from time to time so you can actually wait until they go on sale to get them for the absolute lowest price.

Sound Quality & Flexibility

The sounds in both of these packs (and everything from this company really) are high quality and ready to sit perfectly in your mix. There is also a very decent amount of flexibility in sound and stylistic options here, especially if you grab both sample packs.

However, like most sample packs on this list that are not listed as “best overall”, the one-shot drum samples here are great and usable but just not the best. I’d grab these sample packs for the melodic and drum loops for sure.

Why It’s A Great Sample Pack For Deep House


  • Great combo of essential and experimental sounds
  • Really great song starters and melodic loops
  • A solid set of drum loops


  • The drum one-shots are great and highly usable but not the best overall

Best Deep House Sample Pack Under $50

If your budget is $50 or less, I would definitely recommend the Deep & Grooving House by deep house artists Studioheist.

There are just over 1GBs of sounds here that are great for House music and other underground music styles, including 316 drum one-shots and over 200 melodic and drum loops.

For the full list of what you get, check out this sample pack over on the Loopmasters website.

The sounds themselves are created by Studiohesit, who is a pretty respected artist in their own right. They had this to say about the pack:

“We are delighted to present to you our Deep and Grooving loop pack. You can expect loads of deep basslines, jazzy key loops, lush piano and string loops and shuffling drums. The pack really gives an insight into how we work in our studio. it was a pleasure putting this pack together and we are sure it will provide some amazing inspiration for your tracks”.


Cost & Value

You can pick up this entire sample pack for around $40. If you only want some of the sounds, you can actually get portions of the pack for between $10 and $13.

It’s definitely a pretty good bang for your buck, especially since I noticed that Loopmasters seems to discount packs by over 50% from time to time.

Sound Quality & Flexibility

Where this sample pack really shines is with it’s melodic and drum loops. The quality and variety here is really, really great, and will give you everything you need to jumpstart some solid deep house tracks.

Some of the drum tops loops in particular are just ?.

However, although the drum one-shots are very usable and great value for the money, I wouldn’t consider them the best overall.

Why It’s A Great Sample Pack For Deep House


  • Everything you need to make some solid deep house tracks
  • Really great song starters and melodic loops


  • The drum one-shots are great and highly usable but not the best overall

Best Free Deep House Sample Pack

If you are looking for the best free sample pack for deep house music and similar genres like minimal and lo-fi house, I’ve got just the thing for you.

I’ve actually put together a free sample pack made up of some of the key sounds from my actual latest release (I release deep house music that heavily reaches minimal and lo-fi house territories). I’ve also included some of my go-to samples for just about every song that I record and release.

This is what you get for free:

  • 4 drum one-shots that are my go-to samples for (almost) every song
  • 5 melodic & drum loops taken right from my latest release

I’ll send you extra tips and tricks on how to make sweet music & grow sweet streams. Also – I’ll be sure to notify you whenever I notice any of the premium sample packs on this page go on sale. 🙂

Cost & Value

The sample pack is completely free and includes lots of bonus content to help improve your productions, grow your Spotify streams, and save money on premium sample packs when they go on sale.

Sound Quality & Flexibility

Let’s get real: I made the friggin’ sample pack so I am a bit biased when it comes to the sound quality. I will say that since there is only a small handful of samples there isn’t much in the flexibility department.

Judge for yourself by checking out some of my latest releases that actually use these sounds:

Why It’s A Great Sample Pack For Deep House


  • These sounds are actually being used in deep house and underground styles of music
  • Lots of bonus content to help improve your productions, grow your Spotify streams, and save money on premium sample packs
  • It’s free!


  • There are only a handful of samples included

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for the best deep house samples for the money, you will definitely be happy with any of the recommendations on this list.

If you are in the market for one-shots I would definitely recommend All Sample Packs From Mars. If you are looking for melodic and drum loops, any of the other suggestions on this list are perfect for you.

Finally, if you want to get some free samples to start and learn how you can get any of the samples on this list for cheaper, do yourself a favor and check out my free sample pack. 🙂

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