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How To Analyze If Spotify Playlists Are Legit Or Not With PlaylistVet

By Matthew Vultaggio

December 20, 2023

Spotify playlist promotion can be daunting with the plethora of bad playlist, bots, and fake listeners on Spotify. My #1 concern in 2023 has been determining “Is it a good playlist?” and PlaylistSupply’s latest feature, PlaylistVet, has finally answered the question.

Too many indie artists waste their hard earned Spotify promotion money on these playlists with the hopes of getting fast streams with very little effort.

Although you may see a short term boost in Spotify stream counts, there are 3 massive issues:

  1. Your stream counts often dive bomb the very moment you stop paying for the playlist placement.
  2. Almost no real fans stick around to continue to stream your promoted song, back catalogue of songs, or any future songs.
  3. Your Spotify algorithm gets ruined because it gets thrown off by the nonsensical data it sees from your playlist placement.

#3 is the most disturbing to me because it ruins your future chances of triggering the Spotify algorithm to find you 1,000s of real fans for free.

What’s The Best Way To Make Sure A Spotify Playlist Is Legit?

I hardly ever recommend playlist promotion as a tactic for getting heard but when I do, I recommend doing it the good old fashioned way:

Pitching to curators yourself and leveraging tools that make that process easier like PlaylistSupply.

To make sure you only spend your efforts on playlists that actually have real fans and will move the needle for you, the homies at PlaylistSupply have introduced a new feature called “PlaylistVet”.

PlaylistVet is a way for you to verify that any Spotify playlist you want to pitch to is legit by automatically comparing selected playlists against the “Discovered On” section found on artist’s Spotify profiles.

One of the best ways to tell if a playlist is legit or not is to check and see if that playlist has a significant placement on the top pages of other artists’ profiles (aka in the “Discovered On” section).

This can be a pain to manually check several big artists for each playlist you want to vet, so having this automated gives you the ability to pinpoint playlists that are verified and will attract real listeners to your music.

By checking manually or using an aid like PlaylistVet, the hassle of pursuing deceptive, inauthentic and useless playlists can be a thing of the past.

How PlaylistVet Works

Playlist combines an artificial intelligence model with data on playlists (like if they are appearing on Discovered On) to create a Quality Rating score for each playlist.

PlaylistVet’s AI system checks playlist authenticity by looking at metadata, user activity, and patterns, and comparing these with features of real playlists. It can even detect potential anomalies, ensuring artists only engage with playlists that are actually worth it.

PlaylistVet also does some cross-referencing behind the hood to verify a playlist’s authenticity by matching its tracks to artists’ ‘Discovered On’ sections on Spotify. This not only confirms a playlist’s authenticity but also lets artists know if the playlist will have a legit role in boosting their visibility on Spotify.

Finally this all comes together in a Quality Rating Score that provides an easy to read percentage to assess a playlist’s worth: a high score reflects the playlist has been a key discovery source for any artists that get placed on it.

How To Use PlaylistVet

The One-Click Health Check in PlaylistSupply allows instant vetting of any playlist. You can also schedule health checks to monitor playlist changes over time and receive reports via email.

Here’s how it works:

  1. A new ‘Health’ column with a ‘Health Check’ button for each playlist is now in the Playlist Directory interface. 
  2. Clicking this handy button prompts PlaylistSupply to compare the playlist with each artist’s ‘Discovered-On’ listings on Spotify.
  3. You’ll then see the playlist’s “Health Score” which is a percentage showing how many artists in the playlist also list it in their ‘Discovered-On’ section on Spotify. 

Also – after any keyword search, you can also select multiple playlists to automatically do a Health Check for all of the playlists you selected.

To automate things even further, it’s possible to schedule a Health Check, where you will receive an email with a detailed report on the health scores and key details of the playlists you’ve selected for the report.

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"Copy/Paste" Your Music Promotion with The FREE Checklist I Used To Get 3,000,000+ Spotify Streams

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