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Music Landing Pages: Guide For Spotify, Conversions & More

By Matthew Vultaggio

November 13, 2023

If you want to build music landing pages that get you the most amount of Spotify streams, merch sales, or conversions possible…

I’ve researched different marketing tactics, experimented with them for years, and wrote down my findings for you here.

A music landing page is a webpage that fans and listeners can visit to get access to an artist’s music (ie: song, album, or playlist), to make a purchase from that artist, or to simply learn more about that artist.

…so what makes a great music landing page?

An effective music landing page is one that is laser-focused on 1 single end result – this could be getting a Spotify stream on a new release, making a merch sale, or getting a fan to follow a playlist.

In marketing, this end result is called a “conversion” (aka when a visitor reaches your landing page and completes your desired action or goal).

By leveraging simple marketing tactics (already used by the largest companies on the planet) to increase conversions…

You will be able to improve your landing pages so that you get more streams, sales, or whatever you are trying to achieve.

To learn more about music landing pages, how you can build your own, and how you can improve how well they perform, simply keep on reading, my friend. 🙂

Conversion-Focused Landing Pages For Musicians & Music Artists

Whether you want to get more Spotify streams or make more sales, learning how to build conversion-focused landing pages is a must for any musician or artist.

Although there are an endless amount of music link tools and websites for musicians out there, the truth is that these pages and templates are usually focused on looking pretty rather than getting conversions.

This leads us to tip #1…

Tip #1 – Have Just One Clear Call-To-Action

The music landing page that gets the most streams or sales is often not the one with the prettiest or fanciest design – it is the one that has the simplest design and is the most focused on a single call-to-action.

In particular, a common tactic for world-class landing pages that convert well regardless of what they are selling is to have only 1 call-to-action.

…what exactly is a call-to-action then?

The call-to-action (also CTA for short) is the most important part of a music landing page since this is the actual button they will click to open up the Spotify app to stream your song or start the checkout process for a sale.

When creating your landing page, clearly define what the #1 action is that you want your fans and potential fans to take and only focus on creating a page that works towards that desired action.

This leads us up to tip #2…

Tip #2 – Remove All Other Distractions

Your CTA button should be very clear to see by making sure that its color is highly contrasted to the other elements on your page and there are no other distractions.

This means removing all links to social media sites, removing your navigation header entirely, removing the links in your footer, and any other links at all.

When your fans or potential fans reach your landing page you want them to only do 1 of 2 things: click your CTA button or completely leave the page – nothing else.

Although in an ideal world, your fan will reach your page and then stream your song, follow your Instagram, make a purchase, visit your homepage, and then come back to visit your TikTok page…

In the real world, this leads to paralysis by analysis:

When presented with too many options, the person gets confused and over-thinks the situation… this leads to NO action being taken at all.

In addition to this, make sure your button is clearly a button and standouts from the rest of the page – most conversion-focused landing pages have a white background with the only color on the page being the CTA button.

Tip #3 – Set Up Tracking Properly

In order to be able to tell how well your music landing page is converting, you will need to make sure that you have properly set up your tracking.

This becomes even more important if you are running ads to your landing pages since you need to make sure that the advertising platform is able to see these conversions so that it can use this data to optimize itself to get even more.

Most music link tools and website builders come with analytics already built-in (or can easily integrate with Google Analytics).

However, when it comes to setting up advertising tracking, things can get a bit more difficult.

In particular, setting up the Facebook Pixel and having a domain and DNS access so that you can verify your domain with Facebook is important.

To learn more about setting things up properly, check out my free Facebook Ads For Musicians course. 🙂

Conversion-Optimized Music Links For Spotify Streams

One of the most common types of music landing pages that have popped up ever since Spotify has become so popular are “music link” style webpages.

Music links (also called “smart links”) are landing pages that have buttons that link out to a song, album, or playlist on all of the different streaming services.

Not only can you direct your audience to these links to stream your song but they are critical to properly running Spotify conversion ads using the Facebook Ads platform.

However, the problem with most music links is that they call themselves “smart” because they can automatically pull in your song’s link for every single streaming service that your song may be on.

Although this is convenient, it ultimately leads to a music landing page that is cluttered, unfocused, and not at all conversion optimized.

This is why I would look for a music link tool that checks off all of these boxes if you want to get the most out of your music links:

  • Be able to create unlimited links for your music
  • Allows you to modify the ‘Spotify’ button so that it directs users to your profile and not the actual song
  • Modify the Smart Link so that there is only a button to Spotify
  • Have the Facebook Pixel installed
  • Set a custom domain so that you can verify your domain with Facebook
  • Have a Conversion Event connected to your “Listen On Spotify” button

If you need help finding and designing a music link that meets these requirements, the first few lessons in this free guide go into more detail. 😇

In addition to the above requirements, there are a few tips I’d like to give you so that you can optimize how well it does when you get to the point when you are running ads towards your release:

  • Make your page consistent with your ad: the text and images in your video ad should be the same as what is on your music link – when a fan clicks on an ad to your music link, they need to know they are in the right place.
  • Make your page consistent with your Spotify: just like in the previous tip, the text and images should be consistent with what your fan just saw in the video ad and music link – with every click, they need to know they are in the right place.
  • Make your page load fast: avoid high-res images or any videos – the longer it takes to load your page, the more fans will drop off.

Making sure your entire journey (from ad to page to stream) is optimized is important because the better your page performs, the more results and data Facebook gets, which in turn allows Facebook’s algorithm to optimize the results your ads get all by itself.

Link In Bio Links

Another common type of music landing page you will eventually need to create is a link that you can put in the bio and profile sections of your social media pages.

These links should link out to your upcoming song on Spotify but can also be used to have links to other things you want your audience to see like YouTube videos, interviews, Patreon, etc

Even if you’re are not quite ready to start paying for ads quite yet, it can be a great idea to start slowly taking your promotion more seriously by using “link in bio” style pages to promote your music until you are ready to take things to the next level.

This can be done simply (and freely) by releasing free content on social media and pointing your audience towards a Link In Bio style link.

P.S. The complimentary guide that I mentioned earlier teaches you how to get set up the link in bio pages that I am currently using.

One big issue with “link in bio” pages is that they usually have tonnes of links and make it super easy for paralysis by analysis to occur.

The best way to solve this is to simply focus your “link in bio” pages to have only 1 call-to-action or to use another conversion optimization marketing tactic called “above the fold”.

The “fold” is the point in a webpage where the visitor can not see and must scroll down to actually view and access it.

By putting your most important call-to-action (and ONLY your most important call-to-action) above the fold, your desired action is front and center while the visitor still has the ability to see other links by scrolling.

I’d really only recommend applying this tactic to pages that you are NOT spending money to get people to such as “link in bio” pages or any pages you are just sticking in social media profiles.

Whenever you are spending money on ads to bring people to a landing page, it is important to make sure that particular page is more focused and conversion-optimized so that you get the most out of your ad spend.

How Do You Make A Music Landing Page?

There are an endless amount of music link tools and website builders out there, that can allow you to start building music landing pages.

The truth is that you are free to use any tool that meets the conversion-focused requirements I mentioned in this article (and that you can follow along with in this free cheat sheet).

With that said…

I recommend hosting your own WordPress website and using a premium drag-and-drop plugin because it can allow you to create unlimited links and set up your links properly without having to upgrade or connect to another service.

It also allows you to future proof your web presence later since you can add an online shop, membership program, or whatever the next trend in online music marketing is after music links.

I’ve also created a free course (that I mentioned like 100 times now hehe) that teaches you how to get set up with this combo and even includes the music and “link in bio” templates that I am currently using.

If you already have a solution for a website or music links already just make sure your current solution meets these requirements first:

  • You can install advertising pixels like the Facebook Pixel
  • You have access to a domain (www.you.com) and its DNS so you can verify your website domain to Facebook
  • You can create unlimited web pages and music links
  • You can easily customize and modify your music links

The above course also shows you how you can optimize just about any music link tool if you already have one or want to use something else.

The Best Music Link Tools To Get More Streams

Although choosing the right music link service ultimately comes down to your budget, how you want your music links to look, and what extra features you might be interested in…

It’s absolutely critical that the music link that you use have the basic features needed to be able to effectively run Spotify conversion ads.

Just about any music link tool will work if you only want to use your music links to be used as “link in bio” pages or to be dropped in your social media profiles.

If you need help picking the right music link tool for you, check out this guide I made for you called: Music Links: The Best Smart Link Tools To Promote Your Music.

After researching most of the popular options out on the market today, I’ve dialed in your best choice if you are looking for premium music links or want to save a bit with the best budget option.

…and if you are looking for a music link tool that can get the job done for free, check out this guide I made called: Free Music Links: Your Guide To Free Smart Links & URLs For Music.

In that guide, I let you know the only free music link tool that you should be looking at if you want to properly run Spotify conversion ads and do reviews on the “free” offerings that most other music link companies have out there.

Because although a lot of music link tools have “free” versions, the truth is that they limit the features you get with the free version in hopes that you will fork up some of your hard-earned cash to unlock the features you need.

Some of my favorite music marketing tools

Thank you for reading this article, my friend, and I hope you found it helpful as you build your own successful career in music. 🙂

Click here to see a list of my favorite and most recommended tools and resources that I’ve personally used to get my music streamed over 5,000,000 times on Spotify as an artist (called Best Friends Club).

Any of the paid services or tools listed here are most likely affiliate links, so if you do decide to use any of them, I’ll earn a small commission. 🤗

But in all honesty, these are the exact tools that I personally use, love, and recommend to anyone – including my own friends and family.

"Copy/Paste" Your Music Promotion with The FREE Checklist I Used To Get 3,000,000+ Spotify Streams

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