Ultimate Guide To Musician Websites, Links & Online Presence

A musician’s online presence is made up of 3 parts: website, social media, and digital ads. Being active with all 3 helps develop your brand and grow your fanbase by giving potential fans a reason to follow you.

Here is an overview of the 6 steps you will need to go through to develop your online presence:

  1. Define your ultimate goal as a creative
  2. Choose your main social media platform
  3. Commit to a recurring content strategy
  4. Create a website to future-proof your online presence
  5. Experiment with digital advertising
  6. Test and iterate on your strategy

To learn more about this, refer to my article called 6 Steps To Build An Online Presence For Musicians.

Music Landing Pages Explained

A music landing page is a webpage that fans and listeners can visit to get access to an artist’s music (ie: song, album, or playlist), to make a purchase from that artist, or to simply learn more about that artist.

An effective music landing page is one that is laser-focused on 1 single end result – this could be getting a Spotify stream on a new release, making a merch sale, or getting a fan to follow a playlist.

Improve your landing pages by using simple marketing tactics, like those employed by major businesses and agencies, to increase conversions, whether you’re aiming for more streams, sales, or other goals.

You will be able to improve your landing pages so that you get more streams, sales, or whatever you are trying to achieve.

To learn more about this, refer to my full guide on Music Landing Pages.

Links For Music & Spotify Promotion

To share your music on Spotify, simply click the three dots beside a song, choose ‘Share’, and then ‘Copy Song Link’. This creates a URL directing others directly to the music on Spotify.

To learn the exact steps you need to follow to create links for your songs or albums, please refer to this guide on Spotify Links.

While creating Spotify Links is great for fans to share music, artists should use other methods for promoting their own songs, albums, and playlists.

Artists should create third-party ‘music links’ or ‘smart links’, also known as music landing pages, for promoting their work.

I demonstrate this in my Music Marketing Campaign Case Study, where I detail using music links to achieve over 1 million Spotify streams for one of my songs.

Domains For Music Artists Explained

A domain name, like www.yourbandname.com, is an address that directs to a web host server where your website files are stored.

You can configure your domain to direct to various web hosts, from complete websites like WordPress or Squarespace to specific pages created with music link tools like ToneDen or Hypeddit.

If you do not already have a website domain name, it can be fairly cheap and easy to register one with a company called a “Domain Registrar” today.

Here are my top 3 picks for you to check out if you need to register a domain name today:

  1. GoDaddy – what I use for my own domain and one of the more popular and credible options out there
  2. Namecheap – a credible and popular option that is worth checking out to see if there are any sweet deals
  3. BlueHost is ideal for instant WordPress website setup with your domain name. It’s what I used for my first website – the one you’re visiting now.

To learn more about creating a domain, refer to my full guide called Domains For Music Artists.

The Best Music Link Tools To Get More Streams

Your choice of music link service depends on your budget, the desired appearance of your music links, and the additional features you need.

Most music link tools suffice for ‘link in bio’ pages or for inclusion in social media profiles.

For free music link tools, see my guide titled: Music Links: The Best Smart Link Tools To Promote Your Music.

After researching most of the popular options out on the market today, I’ve dialed in your best choice if you are looking for premium music links or want to save a bit with the best budget option.

…and if you are looking for a music link tool that can get the job done for free, check out this guide I made called: Free Music Links: Your Guide To Free Smart Links & URLs For Music.

The guide highlights the best free music link tool for running Spotify conversion ads and reviews other companies’ free offerings. Many music link tools offer limited free versions, encouraging you to pay for full feature access.

Music Link Reviews

I’ve taken the time to review as many of the music link tools available today so you can make the best choice possible when finding the right link tool for your music.