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Where Does DistroKid Distribute To? Answered.

By Matthew Vultaggio

November 23, 2023

If you’re looking for the right music distributor to partner with for your music, it’s important to know what streaming services and stores they can get your songs and album into.

DistroKid can distribute music to all major streaming services and digital stores (including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Tidal, and Amazon Music) with new services being added regularly. When including all of the smaller outlets, DistroKid can distribute music to over 150 stores.

Since you never know what platform might take off next or become ‘the next Spotify’, it can be worthwhile to choose a music distributor that is constantly adding new services and stores to its offering.

Learning exactly what platforms DistroKid can get your music on (and which it can’t) as well as which countries your music can be distributed to is important to know when picking the right music distributor for you.

P.S. If you are not yet signed up with DistroKid, make sure you learn about the DistroKid discount before you do. 🙂

How many stores does DistroKid distribute to?

DistroKid can distribute music to over 150 streaming services and stores. Even though Spotify is probably what you care most about (probably due to those juicy Spotify editorial playlists), here is a list of everywhere DistroKid can distribute your music:

  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • iTunes
  • Instagram & Facebook
  • TikTok & Resso
  • YouTube Music
  • Amazon.com
  • Soundtrack by Twitch
  • Pandora
  • Deezer
  • Napster
  • Audiomack
  • Boomplay
  • iHeartRadio
  • ClaroMusica
  • Saavn
  • Anghami
  • KKBox
  • NetEase
  • Tencent outlets
  • Triller
  • TouchTunes
  • MediaNet outlets
  • Audiomack
  • Yandex
  • Qobuz
  • Joox
  • Kuack Media Group

Since I originally wrote this article in 2021 and have been using DistroKid for my own music, they have added about 5 new outlets to this list.

P.S. If you don’t believe me, you can view their list here. 🙂

Does DistroKid distribute to Instagram?

DistroKid can distribute music to Instagram. This allows you and any of Instagram’s 1 billion users the ability to use your music to be used in Instagram Stories and any new Instagram features in the future.

Since the end of 2019, Facebook (which is Instagram’s ‘parent company’) has started building a large music catalog to be used in it’s services, starting with Instagram stories.

Distributing your music with DistroKid allows you to be included in that music catalog for free. 🙂

Does DistroKid distribute to Facebook?

DistroKid can distribute music to Facebook. Distributing your music to Facebook will automatically make it available on Instagram as well.

Sending your music to Facebook also allows your music that chance of earning some revenue via Facebook’s Monetization service.

If you choose to distribute your music to Facebook/Instagram, it allows its users to put your music in anything that they create and share on Facebook and Instagram via features like Stories and Facebook’s searchable Audio Library.

Does DistroKid distribute to Beatport?

DistroKid can distribute music to Beatport. However, Beatport only accepts electronic music.

Beatport distribution is not listed under the standard stores and services by default when you are submitting music to DistroKid. Instead, you must contact DistroKid to enable this store.

I reached out to DistroKid to get Beatport enabled. They responded quite quickly, and this is what they had to say:

We’ve just enabled Beatport for your DistroKid account. Please sign in to DistroKid and upload a release to Beatport.

If you’re uploading something that already exists in DistroKid, upload it again as a new release, but deselect all stores except Beatport.

DistroKid Support Dude

So, it is quite easy to distribute music to Beatport using DistroKid, however, you need to enable it and if you do so after you’ve released a bunch of music, you will need to re-upload it to get it on Beatport.

You should also know that the “Label” will show as “DistroKid” in your Beatport release, like this:

To learn more about this, check out my article on DistroKid to Beatport distribution.

Does DistroKid distribute to Apple Music?

DistroKid can distribute music to Apple Music and iTunes.

In addition to this, DistroKid can help you get your Apple Music for Artists account verified. To do this, all you need to do is select ‘DistroKid’ in the ‘Distribution Contact’ sections on the Apple Music for Artists website.

Although Apple Music for Artists is not as useful as Spotify For Artists, it is still cool that DistroKid can help you get access and verified. 🙂

Does DistroKid distribute to Shazam?

DistroKid has the ability to send your music to Shazam and Siri.

However, you will not Shazam is not listed under the available stores when setting up release, this is because Shazam “identifies your music” and does not actually sell or stream music.

Instead, Shazam and iPhone Siri will be listed as an optional “Album Extra” that costs $0.99 USD per song per year.

It is also worth noting that some songs may still show up when Shazam-d. This may be due to that song have a decent amount of streams or being popular enough.

Does DistroKid distribute to Tidal?

DistroKid can distribute music to Tidal. DistroKid is listed as a preferred music distributor in the Tidal FAQ.

Does DistroKid distribute to Pandora?

DistroKid can distribute music to Pandora. However, there is no guarantee your music will be added to Pandora Radio because Pandora has their own in-house review process for Pandora Radio.

To see if your music has been selected for Pandora Radio after uploading your music to DistroKid, simply type your artist or song name into the Pandora app a week or so after distribution.

If your music appears in Pandora, your music will now be live in “Pandora (free)” and “Pandora Plus”.

To get your music into “Pandora Premium” you need to create a Pandora account and complete the form at amp.pandora.com/submit. Submitting your content like this will also prioritize your music for review.

Does DistroKid distribute to TikTok?

DistroKid can distribute music to TikTok. The ability for DistroKid users to upload music to TikTok was added in August 2019.

TikTok distribution is free and available DistroKid members on any plan.

Does DistroKid distribute to Audiomack?

DistroKid does distribute music to Audiomack as of March 18, 2021.

Does DistroKid distribute to Boomplay?

DistroKid does distribute music to Boomplay as of February 18, 2021.

Does DistroKid distribute to Joox?

DistroKid does distribute music to Joox.

Does DistroKid distribute worldwide?

DistroKid does distribute music worldwide. Music released using DistroKid will appear in every country that any streaming service or store supports.

For example, YouTube Music is only supported in a small handful of countries at the time of writing this article, while Spotify and Apple Music are available just about every country.

When setting up your release inside of DistroKid, you do have the option to restrict which countries your music is available in, if you choose to do so. To properly restrict countries, DistroKid recommends uploading 10 – 14 days in advance of a planned release date using a Musician Plus or Ultimate plan.

Learn more about how the Plus and Ultimate plans differ from the regular DistroKid plan by checking out my article on DistroKid pricing.

You should also know that some releases may not be distributed to specific countries depending on which language you select during the song submission process, if there is explicit content, or do to any potential licensing issues.

One example that DistroKid points is that Saavn, an Indian online music streaming service and a digital distributor, only includes non-Indian music in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bhutan.

DistroKid also points out that Anghami, a music streaming platform and digital distribution company in the Arab world, only distributes international content in the Middle East while only distributing Arabic content to the rest of the world.

Does DistroKid distribute to China?

DistroKid can distribute music to China through Tencent. Tencent includes popular music services in China such as QQ Music, Kugou Music, Kuwo Music, WeSing, and Ultimate Music.

Popular music services like Spotify and Apple Music are not currently available in China. So, distributing your music to a company like Tencent is currently the only way to get your music heard by people in China.

You should also be aware that DistroKid’s Tencent distribution is currently in Beta.

Where Does DistroKid Not Distribute To?

DistroKid is constantly adding new streaming services and stores to its offering, however, there are still a handful of places that DistroKid can not yet distribute music. These include:

Does DistroKid distribute to Bandcamp?

DistroKid does not distribute music to Bandcamp. The best way to distribute music to Bandcamp is by creating a Bandcamp account.

However, did you know that Bandcamp recommends DistroKid for getting your music on streaming services and that the 2 companies have a bit of a bromance going on?

For more information on this, check out my article: Can DistroKid Distribute To Bandcamp?

Does DistroKid distribute to Soundcloud?

DistroKid does not distribute music to Soundcloud. The best way to distribute music to Soundcloud is by creating a Soundcloud account.

Although it should be possible for DistroKid to do this, it looks like Soundcloud does not allow it because they are trying to get into the music distribution game themselves.

For more information on this, check out my article: Can DistroKid Distribute To Soundcloud?

Does DistroKid distribute to JPay?

DistroKid does not distribute music to JPay.

Does DistroKid distribute to Gaana?

DistroKid does not distribute music to Gaana.

Can DistroKid Distribute Music Videos?

DistroKid can distribute music videos to all of the major services (Apple Music, Vevo, Amazon Music, and Tidal), however, it is a separate (and more expensive) annual fee that you must pay to enable this.

My hot take: considering the value of a music video in 2023 and beyond, I would heavily reconsider investing your money into something like this unless you really have a need for it.

In addition to this, when selecting YouTube Music while submitting your release with DistroKid, DistroKid will automatically create a simple video, called an ‘Art Track’, using the artwork and music you uploaded and post this to your YouTube channel.

To learn more about this, check out my article: Does DistroKid Upload To YouTube?

Does DistroKid distribute podcasts?

DistroKid does not currently distribute podcasts, DistroKid only distributes music in the form of albums and singles.

However, in their FAQ article addressing this topic, they do mention “at this time”. This may indicate that DistroKid may expand its offering to include podcast distribution in the future.

For now, you will need to use a digital distributor that specializes in podcasts to upload your podcast to streaming services and stores.

Some digital distributors/aggregators that Spotify in particular recommends include Anchor, Buzzsprout, Libsyn, and Simplecast.

DistroKid Alternatives

DistroKid’s streaming services and stores not cutting it for you, my friend?

My top suggestion for a music distributor is definitely DistroKid, however, I’ve compared DK to other popular services if you are in the market for a new digital distributor.

Popular alternatives to a music distribution service like DistroKid include TuneCore, CdBaby, Ditto, and Amuse.

If you would like to see how DistroKid compares to these services, more closely check out this articles:

Or, if you would like a more detailed look into what DistroKid has to offer, you can check out my big fat DistroKid review. 🙂

P.S. If you also want to learn about music publishing and make sure that you are not leaving any money on the table with your music distribution setup, I’d recommend checking out these 2 articles:

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